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MasonicMan Leather Freemasonry Masonic Bracelet with Square and Compass on Bible in Gift Box …

  • FREEMASONRY - This bracelet is for freemasons and features the Square and Compass on the Bible. This is a great gift to a freemason
  • Premium Leather with a high grade stainless steel centerplate - This is an amazing combination and looks, fits and feels great
  • 8.5 INCH LONG / .5 INCH WIDE - Easy to adjust the size of the bracelet. The centerplate can be moved along the bracelet before wearing to increase or reduce the length of the bracelet
  • PERFECTLY PACKAGED in the stunning premium quality MasonicMan Packaging. This provides a great place to keep this lovely jewellery safe or make it a fantasic gift to give!
  • MasonicMan - Proudly worn by brothers around the world. MasonicMan aims to bring well designed Masonic accessories for Freemasons

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