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MasonicMan Gift Guide 2018

Gifts for the Freemason

We have put together a collection of gifts that we offer at MasonicMan 


Our Top Picks this Year

Under $30

Masonic Copper Bracelet

Who will like this?: EVERY Freemason will like these.

We also have brothers who buy a few from the range and have their own collection. Honestly, you’ll be amazed by the details, it looks better than the photos!


Masonic Ring

We have a range of titanium rings around $30. These are lightweight rings that are in a comfortable size. There are a some designs more subtle than others. The most popular is a black plated titanium ring with a rope around the outside of the ring and a focal square and compass.

At MasonicMan all rings are able to be exchanged for another size if it doesn't fit

Under $50

Masonic Titanium Bracelet

Why it makes a good gift? It is such a classic style of bracelet that is timeless. We offer them in a few different colours, and a large amount of designs. Here are a couple of our top picks, one more subtle and one to tell everyone you are a Freemason!


Under $80

Stainless Steel Ring

This one is from our range of our rings crafted from surgical grade stainless steel. They are our most premium rings and you can really tell.


Under $100

Personalized Watch

Personalize a gift with a Lodge name. We can offer extra discounts on this if you want to buy a few of these. 


Gift Voucher

We now offer gift vouchers, perfect for the holiday season. Up to $100, so you can choose a few great items from our website.




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