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MasonicMan Leather and Stainless Steel Bracelet with Blue Carbon Fiber

  • This MasonicMan leather bracelet features high quality black leather. The genuine leather is braided and gives a unique effect. The bracelet uses premium stainless steel for the clasp, featuring the MasonicMan logo.
  • Carbon Fiber - The combination of the carbon fiber against the high-grade stainless steel and the leather creates a bracelet that we are very proud of here at MasonicMan. 
  • Square and Compass - Featured on the carbon fiber
  • The bracelet is fitted with magnets. The first is strong 3000 Gauss magnet. In the magnetic bracelet market, a lot of magnets are only in the 1000-2000 Gauss range. The other 2 elements used are Germanium and negative ion. These three used together are believed to improve energy, body balance and a general increase in health. This bracelet is not suitable for those with a pacemaker
  • The bracelet measures 8 inches long, and weighs just 10g. Please check the length of your wrist 
  • The bracelet will be packed in our MasonicMan gift box, making it perfect for gift giving

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