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Masonic Pure Copper Link Bracelet with Adjusting Tool (BLUE)

  • FREEMASONRY - MasonicMan brings a classic style link bracelet featuring a square and compass on every link
  • Pure Copper- The pure copper gives this bracelet a great feel.
  • Contrasting Square and Compass - Each link features a Square And Compass. The design looks incredible in person - especially when shown through light
  • 8.5 INCH LONG / .5 INCH WIDE with free size adjusting tool included with this bracelet allowing you to easily adjust the size of the bracelet at home so it always fits your wrist perfectly. An easy to follow Instructional video link is also provided!
  • PERFECTLY PACKAGED in the stunning premium quality MasonicMan Packaging. This provides a great place to keep this lovely jewellery safe or make it a fantasic gift to give!

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